Can a Multi Touch Screen with Rugged Touch Protect Your Laptop From Accidents?

rugged touch

Rugged Touch review. This is one of the latest products in the world of rugged PC monitor screens. If you are wondering what this monitor is all about, it is a laptop screen with a built-in keyboard for people that need to type extremely fast and intensively. It also has a large, high-definition LED-lit back-light and touch sensitive multi-touch display, as well as some high-quality built-in speakers.

However, you need to know that the rugged touch PC does not have a built-in operating system. The screen works just fine without any operating system or application. It comes with Windows operating system installed. What I found interesting is that the manufacturer does include a standard PC driver CD so that you can actually install the operating system yourself (after uninstalling the old one). You may be wondering how rugged it actually is.

You see, the manufacturers are trying to address the needs of real-time computer users, who are used to working on multi-touch panel pc with their fingertips and are not comfortable using a normal mouse. They wanted to provide a true flat panel that can be used with hands, while providing the same comfort as a laptop. The panel’s multi-touch display is flat too, as you can see when you look at it directly from above. A small lip at the edge of the front surface prevents the finger from slipping away from the panel’s edges.

One of the features you will find in rugged touch screen PC is a hardware-acoustic isolation technology. With this feature, the sound from your keyboard will not disturb others in the room. The audio output fixture is also placed a little further from the front surface of the panel, thus, there will be minimum amount of reflected audio, making it much easier for you to work comfortably. If you want to view something on the screen, the depth of the display is such that you can view even the most detailed image or information on it.

Another remarkable feature of rugged CPU is its temperature resistant up to 4 hundred degrees Fahrenheit. It is quite surprising that it can maintain its temperature in a room where the average temperature is around forty degrees Fahrenheit, which is a perfect environment for many electronic products, especially for those who use them in the hot kitchen. Since it is also protected from shock, you can place the rugged CPU in a room with low humidity, such as the bathroom. It would still work perfectly, even under the extreme temperature.

In addition, these touch screens can be connected with the optional infrared thermometer probe for faster diagnosis of temperature. The infrared thermometer can also be used to monitor moisture level in the room. One of the latest technologies being used in rugged CPU and touch monitors is a built-in humidity sensor. This sensor can determine the indoor humidity, as well as the outdoor humidity and can be set with the optional probe to send a signal to the monitor. With this, you will know the current state of your room, no matter if it is a humid or dry area.

Capacitive touch screen monitors have another important advantage over the older resistive type. These type of monitors use a special type of capacitive sensing technology that reacts to the pressure from a finger or stylus. Unlike resistive touch screen monitors, the capacitive one can resist getting too hot from continuous finger pressure. This way, it does not heat up when you are using the PC or laptop. Of course, the old resistive type is still available but for a much higher cost.

If you want to see the other products, systems, and brands that RTF (ready-to-use) has to offer, do a search on Google. There is a wide variety of rugged PC systems out there and many of them have multi-touch and other advanced features. You might also check out my blog for more information on this topic. In my opinion, there is no better feature combination that a rugged PC and a multi-touch panel PC monitor.