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PC Embedded Touch Screen in New York

Embedded Touch Screen PCs are designed to be used in industrial applications. This PC is equipped with the latest Android operating system, a W-LAN module, an IP65 water-and-dust-proof front panel, VESA 75- and 100-mm screw patterns, and a desktop stand. They are designed to run continuously, even when the screen is off. They are powered by a V40 quad-core mainboard with 2G DDR3 RAM and 8GB flash memory. Besides, these PCs have a SATA connector and an SD card slot. read more

Choosing a Touch Screen Monitor Made of IP65

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a touchscreen monitor, including the environment in which it will be used. If it will be in an outdoor location where dust and moisture will be a constant threat, it must be protected against these elements. If it will be in a room where the screen is likely to be subjected to extreme temperatures and exposure to liquid or dust, it must be protected from these elements. read more

Looking For a Touch Display For Open Frame Touch Screens?

The touch display for open frame is the perfect addition to industrial and commercial applications. The displays are typically a combination of an A+ quality LCD display panel and a touch screen. The Open Frame Touch monitor has an energy efficient backlight LED technology, as well as a variety of standard connectors, including VGA, HDMI, and serial. The monitor can be mounted to most any surface, and is highly versatile. If you’re looking for a touchscreen monitor that has a variety of features, consider a touch display for the next project. read more

The Best Touch Screen Display For Portable Use

touch screen display for portable

The first portable touch screen monitor was patented in 1962 by AT&T Corporation. It used a matrix of collimated lights to detect the user’s finger. Photodetectors used in touchscreens can detect interruption of the stylus’ motion. With improvements in pixel density, the optical signal to noise ratio, and number of emitters, touchscreen displays became more reliable. They now can respond to even the slightest of touch gestures. read more

Renting a Digital Sign Display

Renting a digital sign display

Digital signage is a popular marketing tool that has many benefits. It engages audience better than static messages and is more effective in a variety of settings. Some industries, including restaurants and hotels, use digital menu boards to help customers find their way. These signs can also be used for events, such as weddings, birthday parties, and conferences. The cost of renting one can vary based on size, location, and number of impressions desired. read more

Touch Screen Monitor that are Big Enough For Kids

Touch screen monitor that are big

Most families are concerned about the amount of time their children spend on screens. For most families, sending their children to bed is not an option. Fortunately, there are many new touch screen monitor ideas for kids. Some use outside projectors to beam visual graphics onto the monitor, while others use self-projected backlit touchscreen technology. These innovations are sure to increase the amount of quality family time spent watching television. However, there are many disadvantages to these types of displays. read more