Industrial Touch Monitor

Industrial touch monitors are monitors that can be used in industrial applications such as manufacturing, welding, automotive, marine, and healthcare. Touch screen monitors can display different kinds of information such as visual data, texts, logos, and other graphics. The main advantage of using this technology is that it offers a high level of user interactivity. Industrial touch technology uses the latest generation of digital vga boards and connectors for the ultimate performance and compatibility.

industrial touch monitor

When buying an industrial touch monitor you should make sure that it has all the features you need. This will ensure that your business will run efficiently and your touchscreen will display all the data in accordance with your requirements. Touch panels can be used to control different operations in your business including temperature and humidity controls and security measures. If you want to monitor your production, personnel, and materials in a cost-effective manner then industrial touch monitors are perfect for you. VGA to DVI-D conversion is one of the features that have made it popular.

VGA to DVI-D conversion means saving on costs and increasing the productivity of your workforce. These modern day monitors come equipped with a VGA input, which allows you to connect to an analog VGA source. These devices can also convert a digital signal such as an analog signal to a fully operational digital signal. There are various types of panel mounting that can be used for these industrial touch monitors.

You can use either electrical or hydraulic mounting system for these industrial touch panel monitors. You can also use standard RCA cables with an optional RCA adapter for panel mounting. You can also select from the wide varieties of available VGA to DVI-D conversion cable.

If you have a heavy duty industrial monitor then you can choose from the durable 1700t series. This series has a front panel that slides in an eight inch touch screen. The front panel has a complete housing with a full fledged locking mechanism to secure the unit and provide safety. The rear of the housing is open for access to the monitor screen. This touch screen has a high resolution of 400 dots per inch, a fast response time and a native function to automatically switch between video and audio input.

Industrial touch panels with integrated video and audio controls are very popular in today’s manufacturing and business world. These devices offer increased functionality and improved reliability with their latest technology. These latest industrial monitors also provide the advantage of adjustable contrast and high resolution. You can use these devices for text messaging, faxing and data input. The enhanced precision of the touch screen can read written data at 100x better than the ordinary resistive touch screen.