Benefits of a Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosk in Kensington New York

benefits of digital hand sanitizer kiosk

Digital hand sanitizer kiosks in Kensington New York offer a convenient and economical solution to promote good hygiene and prevent infections. They’re ideal for public places such as malls, airports, grocery stores and museums.

The kiosk comes equipped with an automated dispenser that can dispense gel, foam or liquid disinfectants. They also feature high definition 21.5-inch digital signage for media information playback.


Sanitation kiosks are an economical and effective way to promote hand hygiene and prevent the spread of infection. These mobile units can be placed in various settings such as restaurants, schools, airports and hospitals.

Kiosks equipped with digital signage allow organizations to showcase public announcements, advertisements, videos, slideshows and media. Created with public health considerations and smart technology in mind, these kiosks are ideal for places with high foot traffic such as malls, airports, grocery stores or schools.

Kiosks come in two styles; wall mountable and free standing. Wall mounts fit flush against the wall and are ideal for places with limited floor space such as retail stores, nail salons or banks; while free-standing models can be used in high traffic places like shopping malls, airports or grocery stores.


Hand sanitizer kiosks provide a convenient way for the public to stay safe. Businesses have the opportunity to advertise while also providing essential health guidelines and information.

Are you in need of hand sanitizer kiosk installation for a retail store, nail salon, bank or medical facility? Look no further – we offer wall mount and free standing models designed to fit into any environment.

These kiosks boast a clever design with an LCD panel to show how much sanitizer remains in the machine, keeping employees and patrons satisfied. Plus, these kiosks also include a drip tray to prevent sanitizer leakage and make refilling quick and effortless.

As the covid-19 outbreak spreads around the world, we need more technology solutions that make consumers and businesses feel safer. Digital hand sanitizer kiosks are an obvious next step in this era where personal health has become more crucial than ever before. They serve as a vital lifeline for companies and organizations looking to enhance their consumer experience.


In today’s health-conscious society, digital hand sanitizer kiosks are becoming an essential resource for both consumers and businesses alike. Not only do they encourage healthy habits, but they provide a convenient experience that leaves customers with time to focus on other tasks such as shopping or running errands.

These digital signage kiosks can be installed in a range of public locations, from malls and airports to medical facilities and schools. They come with wall mountable or free standing styles and boast a durable metal enclosure designed for harsh public environments.

They feature an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that dispensses gel, foam or liquid cleaner and are easy to manage through NoviSign cloud-based digital signage software. Users can create, edit and update their content remotely from any computer with internet access. Fluid levels can also be monitored across an entire network of kiosks for targeted refill schedules.

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Digital hand sanitizer kiosks offer an effective way to promote health awareness among visitors. They can be utilized as a teaching tool, raising awareness about germs and bacteria, or simply as a promotional tool for restaurants or other businesses.

A kiosk can also be designed to dispense different products, such as gloves and masks. Furthermore, it keeps track of how many people utilize it.

These hand sanitizer kiosks are easy to set up and maintain. They can be placed in public areas, with remote refill capabilities available as well.

These kiosks also come with an intuitive dashboard that enables users to monitor sanitizer levels in real-time. Furthermore, administrators can control the screen content through this same dashboard.