The Benefits of Rugged Touch Screen Monitors in Syracuse, New York

benefits of rugged touch screen monitor

The benefits of rugged touch screen monitors can be many and varied in Syracuse, New York. From increased productivity, to reduced maintenance and repair costs, to enhanced security, there are several reasons to consider this type of equipment. However, it is essential to know what features to look for when evaluating rugged computer monitors.

Premio’s Elo 1517L touchscreen monitor

The Elo 1517L is a slick touch monitor that comes in a variety of configurations and a host of features. It’s a great way to bring touch to your point of sale displays and interactive signage. This slick 15 inch display uses a nifty optical display with the iTouch surface wave multi-touch technology. Also, it offers LED backlighting, which sips power and saves money.

The 1517L is the perfect solution for your commercial touchscreen display needs. Whether you need a high resolution monitor with a high refresh rate, or a compact touchscreen panel with a small footprint, the Elo 1517L can handle the job. Additionally, it comes with a 3 year warranty.

While the Elo 1517L has plenty of the usual bells and whistles, it also has the requisite retail savvy. VESA mounting and a host of touchscreen-focused features make it easy to put the newest technology to work. You can also choose from a range of iTouch surface wave and five wire resistive technologies.

Curtiss-Wright PCAP touch screens

Projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screens are becoming increasingly popular for military and aerospace applications. They allow for intuitive multi-touch gestures while reducing the need for a stylus. This technology has three key advantages over conventional displays: improved contrast, enhanced brightness and reduced weight.

Compared to resistive touchscreens, projective capacitive touchscreens offer higher shock resistance, lower weight, improved contrast, and better durability. PCAP touch screens also eliminate air gaps. In addition, they work well behind thick glass.

PCAP touchscreens are designed for use with rugged military LCD displays. The touch screen is bonded with a conductive grid to produce an electrostatic field, thereby eliminating air gaps and plastic microbeads. Even with moderate wetness or damage, the touch screen will continue to operate.

Curtiss-Wright Corporation offers ruggedized PCAP touch screen monitors, which can be used with a conductive stylus to control an LCD display. They feature anti-reflection coatings for increased visibility in bright light, and can operate in both standalone and integrated configurations.

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Analog Resistive Touch

A resistive touch screen monitor is designed to sense input from nearly any object. These touchscreens are used in human machine interfaces and in tablets. They work by detecting changes in resistance, and offer excellent resolution, durability and cost-effective performance.

Touchscreens are made from thin, tough plastic membranes that are separated by air gaps. When the two sheets are pressed together, they make contact, and the touchscreen controller registers the touch.

Resistive touchscreens are used in many applications, including those in industrial and military settings. For this reason, they are extremely durable and reliable. Their low electromagnetic interference, and the fact that they use only pressure to detect the user’s touch, makes them very versatile.

Another benefit of resistive touch screens is that they can be operated using a glove or stylus. In addition, they are generally very durable, as they are made of glass or polycarbonate. This makes them suitable for many different types of operating environments, and they have a low price tag.

Xenarc Technologies

The Xenarc Technologies Corporation manufactures a wide range of industrial monitors and touchscreen solutions. These monitors and touchscreens are designed to withstand harsh conditions. Xenarc also provides OEM / ODM Industrial LCD monitor customization services.

Xenarc is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial LCD monitors. They are known for their high quality and efficient performance. This is why Xenarc industrial monitors are used by a variety of companies. For example, a large corporation may require ruggedized tough LCD monitors for use in their warehouses. Another company may need a military grade touch screen for use in a commercial ship.

When it comes to the touchscreens, Xenarc uses the latest technology. All of their industrial touch panel solutions include fast response times and reliable pressure-activated touch. In addition, Xenarc industrial touchscreens are ideal for many applications. Specifically, the touchscreens are designed for safety systems, fleet management, and system integration.

Xenarc offers a three-year warranty on its rugged monitors. In addition to being ruggedized, the monitors are designed for high reliability. Their MTBF is 55,000 hours.